Best Lock Brands in Australia


Best Lock Brands in Australia

Which lock brand comes to mind when you think or locks? Better still which lock brand would you trust to secure you home or business? For consumers you decision mostly lies with which company is marketing their product the best ($$$), or you may just be relying on your supplier or locksmith to advise you with the right advice on brands.
If you have a quick search online then you will probably come to the conclusion there isn't much to go by if you want an unbiased opinion. Locksmith websites are generally a good source of information as most locksmiths only sell quality products, but this doesn't necessarily mean your getting the best brand.
So lets take a look and some players which I conclude supply some of the best locks in the Australian market judging from my 25 years of locksmithing experience. There's a good chance you may of only heard of one brand but I can ensure you all these brands are at the forefront of the lock industry in Australia.
Brava is an in house brand of Locksmith Supply Company (LSC) and supply their Brava range of products to most, if not all locksmiths in Australia. They have a commercial and residential product range and both are of high quality. Their range includes knobsets, leversets, flipbolts, deadbolts, cylinders and blocker plates.
LSC is one of the biggest suppliers of security products to locksmiths across Australia. Some of the other quality brands they supply include Abus, ADI, Silca, Ross and BDS. Check out their full product range at
Kaba logo
Kaba is another big player who mostly sells their own products. Their range includes knobsets, leversets, deadbolts, cylinders,' blocker plates, restricted key systems, door hardware and more. Most locksmiths use their products.
Kaba has recently joined forces with Dorma to form the DormaKaba Group. Dorma is another big player in the market and together they will continue to grow stronger. Over the last few years I have started to see their products used more on large apartment projects which is good to see as their quality standard is high.  Check out their product range at
Carbine locks

Carbine is an in house brand of Lock and Key (L&K). They are another big player in the industry and also supply to most, if not all locksmiths in Australia. Carbine has a great product range which includes knobsets, leversets, flipbolts, deadbolts, cylinders' blocker plates, window locks, patio bolts, digital locks, garage door locks and more. Lock and Key supply other great brands including Ryobi, Keyline, Briton and Ritefit. Checkout their full product range at

Lockwood has been around for a long time and their flagship lock is the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch which is synonymous with security in Australia. Lockwood is a brand of Assa Abloy which I suspect to be the biggest company in this market. Decades ago you could either buy a Yale, Whitco or Lockwood deadlatch but Assa Abloy acquired all three companies and the Yale deadlatch is now no longer available in Australia. The Whitco deadlatch was redesigned along with the Lockwood deadlatch and are very similar in shape and design.

The majority of Assa Abloy products are of very high quality and I would recommend many of their products.

Check out their product range at

Which is the Best Lock Brand?

To answer this I would have to compare apples with oranges. It all depends on which type of lock on what kind of door? Is it going indoors or outdoors? Is it for residential or commercial use and what function do you require? I could keep on going but best way to find which brand lock is best for your home or business would be to ask your local locksmith and explain where the lock is to be fitted. Chances are the locksmith would recommend one of the brands or supplier listed on this page.


Other Recommended Lock Brands

Some other brands on the market which I can recommend are:
Ardel Safe
CMI Safe Co
There are more brands which I would recommend which I will mention in a future article.

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