Key won’t turn in ignition or key won’t come out of ignition

How to fix a jammed car ignition?

  1. Use a lubricant like WD40 if available. Spray directly into the ignition for one second.
  2. Jiggle the key a little in and out, up and down at the same time as you are turning the key. Don't apply too much force.
  3. Try turning the steering wheel as you turn the key.
  4. Try using a spare key. A spare key often has less wear and picks up warn wafers better.
  5. Call a locksmith. You're pretty much done all you can do.


Toyota Ignition Lock repair

What to do next after tunring key?

A jammed in an ignition lock can happen at the worst possible time. But if you do manage to get your key to turn in your ignition, don't waste anytime. Get your car to a locksmith quick smart otherwise it might end up costing you a lot more money. It is cheaper to repair an ignition with the key still turning then an ignition where the key has stopped turning altogether. An ignition can be very hard to remove if the key is not turning.

If you have tried the above tips and you still can't get your key to turn in the ignition then it's best to call a locksmith. Not all locksmiths are experienced with car ignition problems, so it's best to call a locksmith who specialises in automotive. Car ignition repairs can be complicated and having an experienced locksmith is vital for a successful job.

How to get a stuck key out of car ignition?

The same rules apply as a key not turning in ignition, except tip #4. It's best to try and get the ignition to turn on if you don't have a spare key as you can still drive the car after it turns on. If you manage to remove the key, check the key for any cracks. This can sometimes be the reason the key is not coming out.  Try a spare key if available. As mentioned, a spare is often in better condition than the key that is regularly used.

Why do car ignitions jam?

Car ignitions get a real workout but rarely get lubricated. It's no surprise to see car ignitions jamming up all the time. You basically have metal rubbing on metal and eventually something is going to give, which is either the key or the ignition.

Which car ignitions are the most problematic?

Various Toyota models followed closely by the Holden Commodore and Holden Astra. Some Honda models are also problematic.  There are different reasons why these particular cars have ignition problems but all of the related problems can be avoided or prolonged by simply lubricating the locks.

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