Lockwood 001 Deadlatch Review

The Lockwood 001 Deadlatch has been around for as long as I can remember but had a complete redesign about a decade ago. When the new design came onto the market it had a design fault and couple of installation issues that were quickly overcome.  Today the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch would have to be one of the best locks on the market and I think most locksmiths would back me up on that.
So what makes the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch so good?

1. Very reliable

Locksmiths don’t like using poor quality locks and the 001 scores 10 out of 10 for reliability.

2. Pick and bump resistant

The lock now comes with mushroom pins (anti-picking pins) which can make it very difficult to pick.

Lockwood 001 201 Cylinder

3. Automatic release on the inside

Gone are the days of locking yourself inside by leaving the keys in the lock on the outside and shutting the door, only to find it deadlocked on the inside. It also reduces the risk of being trapped in the case of a fire.

4. Door frame strengthener (timber door jam only)

I have seen many kicked in doors and door jams but I can’t recall seeing a kicked in door jam with a 001 Deadlatch which has the door frame strengthener fitted. If you are installing this lock, don’t leave it out just because it’s too hard to fit. It may cost you in the long run.

5. Easy to fit.

It’s one of the easiest lock to fit to doors (inward opening) with metal frames. Timber frames are also easy but requires more skill in fitting the keeper/strike.

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